The Karamojong walk many miles for water each day.

Over one million people live in the Karamoja region of Uganda. They are primarily pastoralists, raising cows, goats and chickens, and cultivating the land when possible. In recent years, more and more of the Karamojong are settling permanently. Nearly 80% of the population is living below the poverty line, and food insecurity is a real issue for them. The region has been disarmed in the last several years, but previously the proliferation of automatic weapons fueled poaching of native species, especially giraffes and ostriches.

As Karamoja is now disarmed and safe for travel, C4K intends to help encourage eco-tourism, and spread the word about the beauty and diversity of the region: Kidepo Valley NP is one of three places in Uganda to see rare Rothschild giraffes, and the only place in Uganda to see ostriches, cheetahs, and wild dogs. Additionally, the establishment of ostrich breeding and reintroduction centers will improve the economy and livelihoods of local people by bringing opportunities for employment and providing a place to display and sell artisanal crafts and artifacts.

C4K is also working with Uganda Wildlife Education Centre to promote environmental appreciation by creating wildlife clubs and re-greening projects within the schools in Karamoja.