Our projects would not be possible without the support and generosity of these individuals






Care for Karamoja has found an amazing friend and supporter in David R. Bridge, co-creator and former Associate Editor and Illustrations Director of National Geographic Traveler magazine, and co-author of the book Focus on Africa. Through his generosity we acquired the funds needed to ship the incubator and hatcher to Uganda! We wanted to acknowledge this incredible gift to the people, giraffes and ostriches of the Karamoja region.


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Care for Karamoja would like to thank Dr. Noel Arinteireho for providing the initial spark for this project over a year ago. Noel continues to provide support, input and inspiration, even though he has since left UWEC to pursue new interests.





In the earliest days of the inspiration that would become Care for Karamoja, it was Sara Hallager that wisely directed us to NatureForm as the source for the best ostrich incubators. Sara has remained a key partner as we look to her for information on anything involving ostriches. Care for Karamoja would especially like to thank her for her support of the project at the Ratite TAG meeting in South Carolina. We look forward to working with Sara as the project continues to grow and evolve!





Stewart Maclean happened to answer the phone when I cold-called NatureForm Hatchery Systems in the spring of 2012. His simple act of picking up the phone that day was the start of a wonderful partnership. Care for Karamoja would not exist today if not for Stewart’s patience and understanding over the past year. Stewart and the whole NatureForm Team have been incredibly generous in sharing their vast knowledge, and valuable connections, for the good of giraffes and ostriches in Karamoja.


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Care for Karamoja salutes Georgene Vairo for her early support and faith in the project. Her belief provided strength in moments of doubt.






Care for Karamoja is incredibly grateful to Abel Landeros, Director of Facilities and Horticulture at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Abel can fix, build, grow, restrain or modify virtually anything, and always does so willingly and with a smile. Abel helped to pick up the incubator and hatcher from the California Academy of Sciences in February 2013 and transport it back to the Zoo.


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Without the behind-the-scenes administrative magic worked by Colleen Dennis, the incubator and hatcher would not have made their smooth journey from Florida to Uganda in July 2013.









The amazing Santa Barbara Zoo Team continues to strongly support Care for Karamoja. Thank you Carol for working your financial magic to safely ship the incubator, hatcher, and Sheri to Africa in August 2013.






Care for Karamoja would like to send our warmest thanks to Allison Suda and Roosevelt Park Zoo for donating the proceeds from their giraffe feeding program to C4K! Allison attended one of the very first Care for Karamoja presentations in 2013 and her hard work and determination will help make a difference for giraffes in Uganda. We couldn’t be more thankful to Allison, Roosevelt Park Zoo, and their giraffes for their generosity and support!







A HUGE thank you to the Milwaukee County Zoo's AAZK chapter for their contribution to saving giraffes, people, and ostriches in Uganda!